The Ageless Secret Energetic Anti-aging Skin Serum


The Ageless Secret Energetic Anti-aging Skin Serum


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Ageless Secret Anti-aging Energy Serum is 5 products in one. Normally a product with this many ingredients would be heavy on skin and could only be used as a night cream. The unique energy exclusive to this company makes this product feel light and it can be used all day. Also, this Unique Energy, called Subtle Energy, is a huge science breakthrough and produces results that are impossible to achieve with any other product.

Day cream – Goes into skin with no heavy feeling. Anti-oxidants such as Co Q10 protect skin from daily damage

Night cream – High concentrations of ingredients repair skin while sleeping. KASZ Energy + DMAE extend the life of cells and inhibit cross linking. Rose, Aloe, alpha lipoic acid and B vitamins enhance renewal

Best Moisturizer– Works 3 ways to hydrate skin. Vegan derived Hyaluronic Acid draws in large amounts of moisture from the air. Vegetable glycerin helps lock in the moisture. Exclusive KASZ Energy causes water to hydrate the skin from within

Exfoliating – Gentle alpha-hyrdoxy acids from organic sources help renewal. Extracts of Organic Orange peel, Organic Lemon peel, Organic Bilberries and Organic Cranberries.
Under eye serum – Vitamins C, A, and E support collagen formation.


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About Ageless Secret

The Ageless Secret™ is a trade name of KASZ Enterprises Inc., founded by Jim Kaszyk, President and Chief Technologist. The company’s mission is to investigate ancient technologies reputed to promote health and extend life and to use the best of these as the basis for beneficial, modern commercial applications.

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