Sun Lovers Mist


Sun Lovers Mist


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“Water” that Protects Skin Against Accelerated Aging

UV A, UV B and UV C all come from the sun. All can damage collagen fibers and therefore accelerate aging of the skin. UV C rays should be completely absorbed by the ozone layer. However, because the earth’s protective shield is increasingly compromised we are now at risk to these kinds of rays that can cause accelerated aging of skin.

Protects Against Accelerated Aging from the Sun
Safe to use around eyes and on lips
Contains SENEW Water™, Subtle Energy Nucleated Emulsified Water
Leaves Skin Feeling Silky Smooth without feeling greasy
Refreshing. Safe for all ages and skin types.

Ingredients : The Ageless Secret Sun Lovers Mist is micro particle water created with our exclusive technology. 


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About Ageless Secret

The Ageless Secret™ is a trade name of KASZ Enterprises Inc., founded by Jim Kaszyk, President and Chief Technologist. The company’s mission is to investigate ancient technologies reputed to promote health and extend life and to use the best of these as the basis for beneficial, modern commercial applications.

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