formula 109


formula 109




TWO 4-oz Bottles Anti-Aging Water Based Deep Hydrating Skin Lotion

Safe for all ages and skin types
Not harmful to eyes or lips
Does NOT burn or sting
Chemical free
Use all over face and body to have beautifully hydrated soft skin. Made with bottled spring water, UDSA Certified Organic Aloe, MSM (beauty mineral), purified Trace Minerals. Organizing Energy produces micro particle water and the use of small amounts of ingredients to generate remarkable results…

Micro Particle Water 99.993%

Other ingredients 0.007%

Beautifying Energy, Revitalized Skin.


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The Ageless Secret™ is a trade name of KASZ Enterprises Inc., founded by Jim Kaszyk, President and Chief Technologist. The company’s mission is to investigate ancient technologies reputed to promote health and extend life and to use the best of these as the basis for beneficial, modern commercial applications.

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