Brenda Hyre, President and Founder of Rejuva Minerals, Inc.
Brenda has always been an advocate for exceptional health and wellness, and has even enjoyed a long career in the health care field. After years of struggling with skin sen-sitivities, she came to the realization that the unhealthy, toxic makeup that she was using was compromising her sensitive skin. She grew tired of the everyday battle be-tween her stubborn allergies and the irritating ingredients found in her beauty products. For those of us with sensitive skin, the market place was missing high quality beauty products free of common skin irritants like mica, bismuth oxychloride and titanium dioxide. That is why in 2006, she began work with a team of professional chemists, make-up artists, and her partner and co-founder Troy I-iyre to launch Rejuva Minerals, Inc. based in Central Florida.
Rejuva Minerals offers a natural and safer alternative that has celebrities, skin aestheticians, makeup artists, and allergy sufferers from around the world raving. Finally, you can ditch the overdone, caked-on look from beauty products with artificial and irritating ingredients. Achieve an all over radiant glow that enhances your natural beauty with our gluten-free, vegan friendly mineral powders that contain organic ingredients. Allow your skin to breathe easily with Rejuva Minerals products. Packaged in eco-friendly containers, including their new biodegradable pressed powder compacts made from plant materials)
In addition, they are excited to introduce you to the many new items that they are currently working on, including a new lipstick in 2014 that will be infused with skin loving, organic ingredients!
Who trusts their skin with Rejuva Minerals? Rejuva Minerals has a wide variety of clientele, including Celebrity Makeup Artists, Physicians & Hollywood Celebrities!
Rejuva Minerals are Eco Friendly! All loose powder products are available in Eco Friendly containers that are composed of up to 90% recycled natural fibers.
Why buy Rejuva Minerals? All products are USA made by a professional team of Chemists, and are manufactured in an FDA Registered and cGMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) Facility. All products have been rated “Low Toxicity” by the Environmental Working Group (EWG) and they have earned the title ‘Champion” from the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics. They use natural, naturally derived and organic ingredients in their products. Each ingredient is hand selected and reviewed by Brenda herself, to ensure the best quality. Rejuva Minerals offers a selection of non-toxic products that have been carefully developed for those who care about what goes on their skin and into their bloodstream.
Product Safety: Rejuva Minerals products are manufactured in a GMP lab, and although not required by any federal or state regulatory department, their products have been tested for safety, to include the following:
– Rejuva Mineral products have been randomly lab tested for heavy metals and they can conclude that the levels are negligible to none – Rejuva Mineral foundations and eye makeup remover have been lab tested for gluten, and they can conclude that these items are safe for those with gluten sensitivities. None of Rejuva makeup contains gluten containing ingredients. – All ingredients have been checked for nanoparticles, and they can conclude that there are no nano-size minerals in any of their products. – Rejuva Mineral products have undergone microstability testing to ensure bacteria, yeast and mold are not present – Rejuva Minerals performs stability testing to ensure their products will function and perform properly over time